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"My family has enjoyed Scimeca's Italian Sausage and all of their wonderful products for years. When you want the best sausage, you better ask for Scimceca's

Italian Sauseeeeeeges!"

- Steven St. John, 810 WHB & Sausage Enthusiast 

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"I've been eating Scimeca's Sausage products since settling down in kC in 1981! Scimeca's is simply the best! The best meats, the best sauces, the best people, the best local company for everything italian."

- Frank Boal, Godfather of KC Media 

Jamie Bluma.jpg

"Scimeca's products are not only the greatest tasting, their customer service is world class and I feel like a part of the family with every order and opportunity to interact with everyone working for the company."

- Jamie Bluma, Former Kansas City Royal 

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